Our Focus

The content your learners need, when and how they need it. Learning [re]imagined™, results delivered.
Compliance & Ethics

The PharmaCertify™ division of NXLevel Solutions has [re]imagined compliance and ethics training for the life sciences industry since 2004. PharmaCertify™ products and services include the Compliance Foundations™ suite of eLearning courses; custom learning development; PharmaCertify Access™, a learning management system and vendor portal; and TOVdisclosure.com, a cloud-based solution for sharing TOV information with physicians before it's submitted to regulators.

To learn more, please visit www.pharmacertify.com.

Sales Training

[re]imagine sales training that is remembered the first time and utilized throughout the product and sales lifecycle. Learning [re]imagined™ is an innovative process and delivery system to educate your sales force. Product training, selling skills, disease state, market and competition, case studies, training delivered consistently over the life of your products. Employee-centric training based on business and learning objectives delivering a cohesive multifaceted curriculum and support system.

Medical Affairs

For Medical Affairs, learning [re]imagined helps create ethical relationships across product development and customer interactions. It’s about understanding science, value, and process, and making the learning consequential. NXLevel Solutions’ innovative approach teaches learners to think critically and act responsibly.

Our Solutions

Learning [re]imagined™ integrates a TouchPoint™ approach, providing access to knowledge where/when it’s needed.

Learning [re]imagined™ raises eLearning to a higher level of interaction and extends technology-based learning delivery to multiple platforms. Simply put, we build eLearning to ensure performance goals are met and key information is reinforced beyond a conceptual level, to one that has a true impact on behavior.


The power of face-to-face learning is in the interaction between participants. Learning [re]imagined™ immerses learners in that interaction. NXLevel Solutions’ workshops are designed to wrap the learner in a continuum of interactive activities, utilizing innovative instructional approaches that present a comprehensive learning experience.


Today’s workforce does not stay in one place. Learning [re]imagined™ delivers responsively calibrated learning that provides continuous learning across today’s mobile technological tools.

Performance Support

Learning doesn’t stop when the event or module ends. Learning [re]imagined™ is about leveraging key information that already exists to make it accessible quickly, in the right ready-to-use format, through all appropriate technology platforms. That’s why NXLevel Solutions continues to pioneer new methods for reaching learners with critical content where and when they need it most – in the field and at their fingertips.


Learning [re]imagined™ is flexible. Whether deployed as part of a live workshop, as a self-study, or pre/post training tool, our games offer the flexibility to present your training content in a fun, highly-engaging format.

Global Learning

Anyone can translate, but can they make it this accurate and efficient? Through our i-prism Course Builder™ (ipCB) development tool, NXLevel Solutions has created a standardized translation processes that reduces time, cost, and mistakes. ipCB makes our work, and the work of our translation partners, more streamlined. The result: cost-effective and culturally appropriate learning deployed across the globe.


Learning [re]imagined™ affects all phases of the learning development process:

  • Strategic Analysis and Planning
  • Instructional Design
  • Content Development
  • Technology
  • Print
  • Development
  • Social Learning

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